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Interview deT4M (en Anglais)

I’m very happy to introduce  T4M because this guy have some similarities of my own approach of the way men wear tights,  also this is the first man I interview and it is really really cool!  He’s American this why  i prefer to let all the interview in English  as a kind of respect of my guest!!!

please check it out!

First of all could you introduce yourself ?
 For the purposes of privacy, I’d prefer not to disclose my real name, so just T4M is fine.  I am a man of 48 years, who is a computer software analyst by profession, and an artist by nature.  I love design in all forms, so much so that I’d find it hard to specialize in just one (like an architect, automotive engineer, or clothing designer).  More recently I have taken an interest in finding the art in clothing fashion.  I’m continually amazed at the artistry some designers have created.

When did you create your blog T4M
 I had long thought of starting a blog, but couldn’t really figure out what to focus on or what I’d say.  As an experiment to get going, I decided to start a blog on « tights for men » in November 2011, given how there’s a very small but growing attention to this idea.  I wanted to help the « movement », while also keeping an eye on fashion for both men and women.

E: Mostly conservative, although occasionally a little trendy.  I very much enjoy wearing a suit when the occasion calls for it, but also wear denim jeans when in casual mode.  I also like sleek athletic wear, as I exercise and run on a regular basis.

I see you like tights what did you find to them ?
E: I started wearing tights after an opportunity came up to wear a pair on a ski trip, to replace thermal underwear I had forgotten.  I found them surprisingly comfortable.  After getting over the fear of this being seen as « I’m wearing women’s clothing », that tights can be unisex, I broadened my collection of tights and wear them frequently in cold weather.

What are your favorites brands ?
 The brands I prefer is limited to the few that I can wear comfortably.  Being a tall man with large athletic legs, it has been a struggle to find tights for my size (over-stretching is often required).  Donna Karan is my most favorite now, as her brands (namesake and DKNY) have created a good number of tights styles that match my size.  I also appreciate Falke a lot, because they have well proportioned sizing too.  Wolford looks amazing (small wonder of the price), but alas I am excluded from that wonderful brand because I am too large.  I also just came to discover Comfort4Men, a small German brand, and I’m quite happy with their tights.

For me tights are a clothe who wears and more maky superb legs like a jewel do yoy agree with that point of view? 

 Although I think the leg of a women is such an attractive part of the body without coverings (when she is fit of course), there is something about how tights and pantyhose can accentuate her leg and bring out more beauty.  Tights can hide blemishes, which is a nice advantage, but they also help draw notice to the leg form even more than when the leg is nude.  Plus, they help create a multitude of fashion variations, something I think many women appreciate (nobody wants to look the same way in the same outfit every time).

What are your favorite colors?
 Black, blue (navy, royal), brown, burgundy, plum, olive green, and sometimes red.

 What kind of tights you will never wear? 

 I would not wear any feminine patterns like flowers, lace, etc., and definitely not bright colors like pink, yellow, purple, and white.  I wear mostly opaque tights, although I also enjoy masculine patterns like pinstripes, cabling, herringbone, and plaid.

What is the best way to wear them for you ?
E: For women, I believe in minimal rules.  Simply don’t clash colors and patterns.  Otherwise, I think it’s great to see women going outside conventional styles.  From opaque to sheer, from dresses to shorts, and from flats to high heels, I think it all looks great when coordinated with the outfit.  For men, I believe opaque is the only way to wear it and with long shorts to the knee, if not full pants.

Did you have any anecdot with your tights? 

I used to work with a girlfriend who knew that I sometimes wore tights under my trousers.  Well as anyone who wears tights will know, the tights don’t always stay in place and sometimes require a little adjustment.  When my waistband had rolled over a bit, I pulled it with my fingers through my shirt to adjust it.  My girlfriend noticed this and said to me outright « Needing a little tights adjustment? »  Another girl at the office was right nearby and heard her say this, turned to look at us and said « You’re wearing tights? »  At first I felt a strong feeling of embarrassment, but my girlfriend quickly replied with « Oh, that’s what I call his thermal underwear.  They are made of microfiber and very smooth, so I tease him about how they look like tights. »  The girl laughed and that was it; the embarrassment was avoided.

What are blogs you like ?
E: I do not know where to begin, as I view many, many blogs and sporadically.  Just a few that I read more regularly are ones like yours, Hosiery For MenThe Style Blogger, blogs of some girls who visit your blog, and a number of individual style and « my life » blogs.

how many tights dou you have?
E: I have over 40 pairs, the last 25 being acquired within the past three months.

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  • Répondre Blandine Maujean 15 mars 2012 at 17 h 40 min

    bonjour, Arnaud je découvre encore un blog sympa grâce à toi, bises.

  • Répondre kennyskiny 16 mars 2012 at 15 h 13 min

    Sympa de découvrir un univers encore une fois original qui dégage beaucoup de personalité, et ça me fait travailler mon anglais :-p

  • Répondre T4M 18 mars 2012 at 17 h 29 min

    Merci beaucoup pour l’entrevue! I apologize for not being able to write my responses in French (as you know I tried and it just wasn’t the same meaning as in English). When one writes in French one must think in French too. 🙂 I am pleased to be the first male that you have interviewed; it’s great to be on your terrific blog, Arnaud. Thanks again! ~T4M

  • Un petit commentaire ca fait toujours plaisir