Intreview d’un passioné de collants en anglais!

Et voilà un homme qui aime les collants aussi , il les apprécie  et il nous l’explique par cette interview. On peut constater qu’il a des goûts très colorés.

And here is a man who loves tights too, and he appreciateshe explains to us in this interview. We can see he likes   colorful tights.
Could you introduce yourself?
I’m a 26 years old male fashion blogger from Europe with a passion for legwear. I’m crazy about legs and I think women look absolutely beautiful in tights and leggings so I decided to start a project on my free time around that theme.

When did you create your blog ?

I started by creating a Tumblr blog called Pantyhose Party back in 2010, I think (time sure rushes by) but in time I felt that the Tumblr structure was too rigid and I wanted more liberty to mess around with the layout so I decided to host my own WordPress website with the same name. I still add some photos to my Tumblr blogs on a regularly basis (I created two more dedicated to leggings and socks although I ended up posting pictures of tights to all of them) but I’m more focused on promoting PParty these days and writing content for it.


Why did choose this name?

I wanted a word that started with a « P » to combine with pantyhose so that it would have a nice sound to it when being pronounced. Due to the fact that I prefer colorful tights and fun prints to sheer types I went with Party in order to transmit that light hearted playful feel. It always makes me think of a bunch of girls playing Twister in multicoloured tights. 


I see you like tights, why is that?

I really think they’re a fantastic addition to any style, I think women look gorgeous in them and that it really boosts their femininity. Legs are, in my opinion the most sexy part of the female body and I think that tights provide extra smoothness and allurement to them.


What are you favourite brands?

I really like http://www.les-queues-de-sardines.com/ due to their playful graphical approach and the fact that their collections always have a very strong theme behind them. They keep pushing the envelope with every new style of print they launch. I’m also really into http://bebaroque.com/ because of their applications of the lush patterns and prints they create and the way they combine them with crystals and beads in order to create a 3d approach to hosiery design. Also their bodysuits complement the legwear beautifully.

For me tights are a piece of clothing which makes your legs superb like a jewel do you agree with that point of view?

Absolutely, I think that is a nice way to sum it up!

What are your favourite colours?

I like to see tights of really flashy uncommon colors like bright yellow, pink, orange or green! I also like textures and patterns a lot!


What kind of clothing do you think tights look better with?

I really love to see girls wearing tights with really short-cut denim shorts which is a relatively recent trend that spread like wildfire. Plaid miniskirts look really cute as well.


What are your favourite blogs?

I have so many blogs I watch through my Google Reader I don’t even know where to begin. I really like Former Parade’s by Saskia van Rij who was very kind to provide me material for Pantyhose Party’s first interview. Lately I’ve also interviewed Marie Stella which is a greek fashion blogger with really cool styles. I also like Fashion My Legs a lot and your blog is surely going to become one of my favourites because it’s a fantastic way to get to know the french legwear fashion blogging scene which I didn’t know was so active!


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4 Commentaires

  • Répondre Pierre de Nylon-Mode 30 septembre 2012 at 15 h 28 min

    Le regard d’un homme sur les accessoires mode des femmes ! Merveilleux et respectueux ! d’ailleurs très complet sur la variété de styles dans la rue. La vie, les femmes !

  • Répondre Marc 30 septembre 2012 at 16 h 10 min

    De très belles photos, de très belles filles et des collants colorés. Que demandez de plus ?

    J’ai une préférence pour la dernière photo, avec les collants rouge bordeaux, assortis aux fleurs de la robe.

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  • Répondre Pantyhose Party 1 octobre 2012 at 14 h 09 min

    Thank you very much for the opportunity of featuring this interview on your website and thanks to your readers for their kind comments!

  • Un petit commentaire ca fait toujours plaisir