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Pour cette interview, j’avais le choix de la langue, l’italien d’où est originaire Pam ou l’anglais. Et oui je fus surpris d’avoir reçu un commentaire provenant d’Italie  de la part de cette très belle jeune femme. J’ai opté pour l ‘Anglais!

En parcourant son blog  j’ai été conquis par son élégance, sa finesse et aussi sa simplicité!


Je vous laisse découvrir cette pétillante blogueuse  en VO

Could introduce yourself? 

My name is Pam, Im an italian born girl with a mix of cultures in my blood: born in Trieste close to slovenian and austrian border, from italian dad and american mum, i lived my life between Italy, Sweden and briefly in Finland, travelling meanwhile as much as i could. My first passion is travelling, my second is fashion 🙂

When did you create your blog?

I created it in far 2009, when I first started to read swedish bloggers’ ones and got inspired by them.

Why did you chose this name?

Ahah I don’t know, it’s very teenager actually 🙂

  Your Fashion style?

I like to be dressed easy and relaxed, even when I go out nights I try not to overdress or put too much effort into an outfit. I like to be confortable in what I wear and at the same time be fashion! 🙂

I see You like wearing tights and why?

Tights are a special garment that add colour to every outfit. I like to wear it during winter with skirts and dresses, or in spring or autumn I like to wear bare colourful leggings instead of normal throusers.

What are your favorite brands?

Mm.. Speaking of tights, and living in italy, i like Calzedonia, Golden Point and Philippe Matignon, but also find nice tights and clothes at the online stores Asos, Topshop, River Island and Zara. Speking of accessories, i tend to spend a lot in designer shoes and handbags, while with clothes i tend to dress quite low cost wearing Zara, Asos, H&M, Converse, River Island and similar brands.

For me tights are a clothe who wears and more make you superb legs like a jewel do you agree with that point of view?

Yes tights are absolutely making the outfit, specially if u choose very special ones paired with a very plain outfit. I love that combination.

What are your favorite colors? 

Pastels and bright colours during spring and summer, burgundy, military green patterns and again pastels during autumn and winter.

What kind of tights you will never wear? 

This is hard, I think all kind of tights if matched correctly are fashionable. Altought i dont like the ones with very bright colours.

 For you what is the best way to wear it? 

Match very colourful tights with very simple outfit, such monochrome minidresses, better if black. For simple tights try to play with the colours of the outfit.

 Did you have any anecdot with your tights?

Mm no, but I always manage to ruin them at special occasion and end up with holes in it, which I actually think it’s kind of rock 😉

What are your favorite blogs?

My daily reads are:
Just to mention some 🙂
I’m also part of the fashion communities Chicisimo and Lookbook, which are a great source of inspiration!

 How many tights you have?

Way too many, I tend to buy a lot of them because I like the colour or pattern, and then they have to lay in my closet waiting to be choosen into a nice combination 🙂

I hope you enjoy this little interview Arnaud gave me the chance to do, I thank you for your time in reading it and welcome to my blog anytime 🙂 Thank you very much Arnaud for this opportunity, and keep on going with your blog, I love it and it’s such an inspiration about tights, this beautiful garment that is often seen as secondary but it’s very important indeed and make the look of every woman sexy and special!



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4 Commentaires

  • Répondre PrincessPAM 5 août 2012 at 23 h 12 min

    Arnaud, merci beacou! 🙂

  • Répondre françoisedu80 6 août 2012 at 0 h 56 min

    Hello Arnaud ,
    Belle ambassadrice italienne
    les photos se passent de traduction !

  • Répondre christine 6 août 2012 at 7 h 27 min

    Elle a du style.

  • Un petit commentaire ca fait toujours plaisir